Why We Care More - Coast Family Home Care


We are not a franchise home health care agency!

We care more because it is our elderly friends and neighbors that we are providing in-home care to. The Coast Family Home Care team meets every client personally before assigning a caregiver; and they treat clients like family.

In-home health care jobs do not come easy at Coast Family Home Care

Our caregivers are carefully screened, have undergone extensive background checks, complete a comprehensive training and mentoring program, and become bonded and insured before being able to be a part of our family, and yours.

We care more because only the very best caregivers can join our family.

We take a few extra steps to help prevent slip & fall accidents

Slip & fall accidents cause injuries that can dramatically alter a senior’s ability to be independent and mobile.

We care more because we provide comprehensive home & yard safety audits to identify potential slip & fall hazards.

Helping our beloved clients avoid elder fraud…

We care more because at no extra charge we will recommend honest local contractors for our clients. We will even step in and be the liaison between contractor and family to eliminate any stress or worry the family or client may have.

Taking care of the “smaller” members of the family…

We love our pets; and we understand how important a furry companion can mean to an individual, and to a family. The love, devotion, and unconditional loyalty a pet provides is a very valuable asset to our clients. We care more because we will treat your pets like family.