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Meet Lexi – Our Cherished Therapy Dog at Coast Family Home Care

Welcome to the Pet Therapy section of Coast Family Home Care, where we take pride in introducing Lexi, our treasured therapy dog. Lexi is not just a pet; she’s a vital part of our caregiving family, touching lives and spreading joy wherever she goes.

Lexi’s Role in Enhancing Lives

At Coast Family Home Care, we understand the profound impact that pet therapy can have on the elderly. Lexi, with her gentle nature and intuitive compassion, plays a significant role in bringing comfort and happiness to our senior clients. Her interactions are more than just pleasant experiences; they are therapeutic sessions that enhance the well-being of everyone she meets.

Lexi’s Impact at Coast Family Home Care

Lexi is more than just a therapy dog; she’s a heartwarming presence that uplifts and supports our senior community. Her role in our mission goes beyond companionship; she is an embodiment of our commitment to providing holistic care. Through her, we witness daily the powerful bond between humans and animals and the positive effects it has on health and happiness.


The Science Behind Pet Therapy

Pet therapy, especially with a loving dog like Lexi, offers a myriad of benefits for seniors:

  • Combating Loneliness: Regular interactions with Lexi help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, which are common among seniors.
  • Health Benefits: The presence of a therapy dog like Lexi can lower blood pressure and alleviate stress, contributing to better overall health.
  • Emotional Wellness: Engaging with Lexi triggers the release of endorphins, creating an uplifting environment and fostering feelings of happiness.
  • Improved Mood: Visits from Lexi contribute significantly to enhanced emotional well-being, brightening the days of our seniors.
  • Cognitive and Social Boost: Seniors interacting with Lexi often experience improved cognitive function and social interaction, essential aspects of mental health.

Pets can have a huge positive effect on the happiness, health and overall well-being of seniors. However, some seniors may find it challenging to care for their pets. We will take care of them for you. Coast Family Home Care provides pet therapy services to ensure that seniors can keep their pets without worries and added responsibilities.

Pet therapy services are designed to offer comprehensive care for both seniors and their beloved pets. This type of service is highly important for pet-loving seniors. Studies show that pet companionship has a positive impact on the physical, emotional and mental well-being of seniors. Seniors with pets experience increased social interaction, reduced stress levels and improved quality of life.

Our professional and dedicated caregivers will not only provide excellent care and support for seniors. We also cater to the needs of their beloved pets. We make sure that the pets receive the necessary veterinary care and proper nutrition. We take care of the pets’ well-being too. When a professional is taking care of their pets, seniors can have peace of mind knowing that their furry best friends are in capable hands.

We give importance to the power of human and pet companionship. We pay attention to the needs of both the seniors and their pets, making sure that they receive the holistic care that they deserve.

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Pet therapy makes use of animals in providing companionship and comfort to seniors to enhance their quality of life and well-being.

Pet therapy has many benefits to seniors. These include reduced stress and feelings of loneliness, improved mood, increased social interaction, enhanced mental activity, and improved quality of life.

 No. We don’t bring pets. We just support seniors in taking care of their pets. We ensure that the pets are properly fed, groomed, exercised and cared for.