Here at Coast Family Home Care, we make sure that you get the care that you deserve. We go beyond the standard and provide in-home personal care specifically tailored to the needs of each senior or individual.

Our personal care at home consists of assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, personal hygiene and other activities of daily living. In addition, we provide meal preparation, medication reminders, mobility support, and transportation assistance. We see to it that our clients feel safe and comfortable in their home. We promote a sense of independence and improve their quality of life and well-being by providing personal care that is dignified and compassionate.

Personal care is designed to ensure the senior’s well-being, comfort and safety. Coast Family Home Care provides the following in-home personal care services:

Activities of Daily Living


Our compassionate caregivers assist you in various activities of daily living to ensure your comfort and safety. Our personal care services encompass mobility assistance, dressing, bathing, personal hygiene and other daily essential tasks. With our care and support, we make the senior’s daily life as comfortable as possible while at the same time promoting their independence and sense of well-being.


Aside from activities of daily living, our caregivers also perform light housekeeping to ensure that your home is organized, hygienic and secure. Coast Family Home Care helps with dusting, laundry, organizing, tidying up and other light housekeeping tasks. With a clean and well-kept home, seniors can remain safe and comfortable.

Light Housekeeping
Shopping, Walks, Errands, Doctor Visits & Companionship

Shopping, Errands, Walks, Doctor Visits and Companionship

Our personal care services extend beyond the home. We offer help with running errands and shopping. We can also accompany you on your daily walks or to your doctor appointments. Get invaluable companionship from our trustworthy caregivers and assistance with everyday tasks. With our help, you can have a fulfilling lifestyle even in old age.


Adherence to medication is highly important to the health and well-being of the client. At Coast Family Home Care, we make sure that seniors won’t miss their medication and that they are taking the right dosage. We provide medication reminders with careful attention to doctor’s orders, dosage and medication schedule.

Medication Reminders


Meal preparation for seniors ensures proper nutrition and dietary needs are met. Caregivers can customize meals based on specific diets and nutritional requirements, promoting healthy eating habits and overall well-being.

Dressing and Grooming

For seniors and individuals with chronic illness, performing essential tasks such as grooming and dressing can be challenging. With the support from our compassionate caregivers, we ensure that seniors are well-groomed and comfortably dressed. Aside from assistance with their grooming routines, we help them choose appropriate attire. We make them look their best and help them feel confident and dignified.

Dressing & Grooming
Bathing and Showering

Bathing and Showering

Maintaining proper hygiene is highly essential to the overall well-being of seniors. Our personal care services include assistance with bathing and showering. With our help, we can promote the senior’s personal hygiene and keep them clean and refreshed. We make sure that they are safe, comfortable and dignified when helping them bath and shower.


Hygiene assistance is one of the primary personal care services. Aside from bathing and showering, this also includes incorporating other hygienic practices in the senior’s day-to-day living.

Hygiene Assistance


Whether you are going for a personal trip or medical appointment, we can help you with transportation. We do not only provide reliable transportation, but we will also accompany you to your appointment or destination. Attend your appointments without worrying about your comfort and safety. We will attend to all your needs during the trip.


Seniors are prone to accidents. Our caregivers provide slip and fall solutions by removing potential hazards at home, putting up safety measures, and keeping seniors company.

Slip and Fall Solutions

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Personal home service is a type of home care that focuses on providing non-medical assistance such as dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting and other assistance with activities of daily living, to keep seniors comfortable at home. It also covers meal preparation and basic housekeeping tasks, among others.

A good caregiver is not only someone who is skilled and experienced. Aside from the necessary training and background, a caregiver must possess the following characteristics: compassionate, trustworthy, dependable and understanding. A good caregiver treats the elderly with respect and empathy, and cares for them like family.

Seniors prefer to remain at home primarily because it is a familiar place. It has a special place in their hearts, holding cherished memories. This familiarity makes their home a comfortable place to be in, a place where they can comfortably perform daily tasks and routines. When at home, seniors feel more secure and they are able to maintain a sense of independence even while receiving support and care from professionals.