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Being the leading home care agency in Central Coast, California, Coast Family Home Care provides professional in-home personal care services in Guadalupe.

Our dedicated team of caregivers deliver a wide array of quality caregiving services in the area to make the lives of our clients and their loved ones comfortable. We provide the highest standard of care and support to seniors and individuals requiring care. With this, family members can have peace of mind, knowing that their senior loved ones are in safe hands.

Personal care allows seniors to continue living in the comfort of their residence, an environment that is familiar to them. This setting makes them feel more comfortable, safe and secure. Being at home also allows them to retain their sense of independence and freedom. This is because home care allows them to continue doing the things they normally do while receiving care and support at the same time. Hence, with in-home care, they get to recuperate faster and recover quicker.


In-home personal care consists of a wide array of services such as the following: hygiene assistance, activities of daily living, companionship, medication management, medication reminders, meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands, transportation, grocery shopping, doctor visits, companionship and more.

Through these quality services, you get to enjoy plenty of cost-effective benefits from our agency. Among the common benefits of personal care services include the following:

  • In-home personal care is more cost-effective than other arrangements, such as receiving care in nursing homes and assisted living communities.
  • It is a comfortable arrangement. This is because personal care allows you to stay at home and go about your daily life without losing your independence. You receive a high standard of care in a familiar and secure environment. By staying at home, your friends and family can visit you anytime.
  • It promotes independence and dignity. You are encouraged to stay active and retain your independence. However, if there are things you have difficulty doing, you are duly assisted and given necessary care and support.
  • One-on-one care is provided. You get full care, attention and support from a reliable caregiver. This ensures that you get the highest standard of care possible.
  • The care provided is personalized, specifically tailored to meet your personal needs and demands, condition, situation, and personality. Family members are also involved in the process.


Guadalupe is a small city situated at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 166. It is located in Santa Barbara County, California and is socially and economically tied to the city of Santa Maria, which lies just 8 miles eastward. Featuring an area of 1.3 square miles, the city has a population of around 7,080 people.

This small city is also a great place for seniors to receive quality personal care at home. Coast Family Home Care provides in-home care to clients living in Guadalupe. If you are from the area and in need of personal care, feel free to contact us anytime.

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Caregivers play an essential role in helping individuals with dementia manage their condition and retain control of their life. Aside from providing assistance with basic tasks and routines, caregivers incorporate engaging social and mental activities, provide companionship, offer compassionate support and manage the many effects of dementia.

The right approach when caring for someone with dementia is to allow them to perform tasks with minimal assistance. This helps them maintain their independence and improve their cognitive function in the process. The caregiver must provide support without being intrusive and must be patient, understanding and compassionate.

Yes. Dementia care at home allows them to reside in an environment already familiar to them while receiving quality care and excellent support. Being at home helps them perform their daily tasks and allows them to retain their memories better compared to transferring to a facility where they feel anxious and disoriented.