Seniors would want to age at home without or with less assistance and support as possible. They prefer to continue living in the comfort of their homes, go about their normal routines, and be as active as they can. However, a declining health or disability may make it difficult for them to do these things. There is a way to get non-medical help without leaving their home and without losing their independence: in-home care.

Now that this concern is settled, the next question would be: how much would it cost you? There is no fixed answer. The cost of in-home care depends on different factors, such as the number of hours when caregiving is needed, the types of services requested or performed, and supplies provided, if any, in order to support them and attend to their needs.

Home care is personalized care. This means that every individual requires a different type of care. The care plan is tailored to address the unique needs and demands of each senior. This is why the fees and pricing would differ. However, on average, the rate per hour in California is $36 to $40

The fees may differ depending on the personalized home care plan appropriate to the senior. While the rate may appear expensive, it is actually quite reasonable. Remember that you are not simply paying for the caregiver’s time. You are paying for high quality care and support from experienced, dedicated and highly skilled caregivers. In the end, it is about giving the best type of care in the most comfortable setup as possible for our loved ones. We treat all our clients like family and we try to make our caregivers content and happy as well by paying them well.

We offer different payment options to make things convenient for you. You may also want to check out your insurance or look into government support and see if they cover in-home care for seniors. We may even provide you discounts if you need more hours of home care. 

The bottom line is that every penny that you will be spending is all worth it. We want to provide your loved one the best quality of care that they deserve. Our caregivers are all reliable, compassionate and highly capable. If you wish to get an assessment or if you have questions and concerns about our pricing and services, feel free to contact us.


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