Being a family caregiver is a challenging and difficult task, especially if you have other things to attend to at work or in your personal life. It’s quite impossible to care for your elderly loved one by yourself if he or she consistently needs care and monitoring. If your senior loved one requires 24-hour care, consider getting help from a reliable home care agency.

Coast Family Home Care has a team of dedicated caregivers who will provide around-the-clock care and support to seniors in the comfort and safety of their homes. Whether it is day or night, rest assured that a skilled and compassionate caregiver is with the senior, taking care of him or her particularly in times of need.

Advantages of 24-Hour Care at Home in Guadalupe

The primary advantage of 24-hour care, as its name suggests, is the delivery of around-the-clock care services. By working in shifts, caregivers see to it that someone is attending to the needs of the senior at all times.

Additionally, here are the other advantages of 24-hour care:

  • Personal care is provided.
  • Seniors are assisted with activities of daily living.
  • They are reminded to take their medications as prescribed.
  • Unique home care plan specifically tailored to the needs of the senior.
  • Running errands and providing transportation.
  • Meal preparation, considering the nutritional requirements and needs of the senior.
  • Maintenance of the home through light housekeeping services.
  • Safety measures are in place to avoid slips, falls, accidents and injuries at home.
  • True companionship is offered to improve the emotional, social and mental well-being of the senior.

About Guadalupe

Located at the junction of Highway 166 and Highway 1, Guadalupe is a small city in Santa Barbara County, California. It lies 5 miles east of the Pacific Ocean and immediately south of the Santa Maria River. With an area of just about 1.3 square miles, this city is made up of a cluster of buildings completely surrounded by rich agricultural land. Due to its proximity, the Guadalupe is socially and economically tied to Santa Maria city. Its population is 7,080 based on the 2010 census.

While it is a small city, it is still ideal for seniors to live in and enjoy quality of life. This is especially because Coast Family Home Care provides 24-hour care in Guadalupe, as well as other types of home care services. Contact us today.

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People may need 24 hour home care when their condition, illness or disability, whether temporary or not, requires constant care, assistance and support. People with cognitive disabilities like dementia and Alzheimer’s, those who are recovering from stroke or traumatic injury, or other complex conditions may need round-the-clock assistance, which a 24 hour care provides.

The primary benefit of 24 hour care is that you will get constant care and support, throughout the day and night. This means that all your needs are attended to. Your loved ones will also have peace of mind knowing that you have a skilled companion always by your side.